Clark Saniphos (Starsan / Stellasan Alternative - 1 L)
Clark Saniphos (Starsan / Stellasan Alternative - 1 L)

Clark Saniphos is a no rinse, acidic sanitiser especially formulated for food and beverage surface cleaning and sanitising. It is a blend of Phosphoric Acid and specially selected surfactants which provide controlled foaming, cleaning and sanitising of equipment. The low foaming makes it good for use with CIP.

General dilution rate: 2ml per litre of water
Contact time: 1-2 minutes


A dilution of 2mls to 1 litre of water of CLARK SANIPHOS will provide 300 ppm of DDBSA. After 1 to 2 minutes contact time, drain sanitising solution equipment thoroughly. Do not rinse. If using CLARK SANIPHOS in CIP, proper water balance must be maintained or your pump may cavitate. If used at a rate of more than 300 ppm, a potable rinse is required.


Use 2mls of CLARK SANIPHOS per 1 litre of water. Parts must have contact with solution for 30 seconds and put on wet. When solution begins to cloud, sweeten with more CLARK SANIPHOS. Solution must remain at a pH at 3 or below to maintain proper sanitising level.


Thoroughly clean all surfaces with a suitable Alkali CIP solution, n accordance with recommendations, followed by a potable water rinse before application of acid/sanitising solution. Prepare a use solution of 2mls of CLARK SANIPHOS per 1 litre of water. Circulate through the system for 10-15 minutes before draining to trade waste and allow surfaces to dry.


Apply on surfaces with a cloth mop, sponge, spray or by a 5 minute immersion. For spray applications, use a course mist, with pump or trigger spray. Spray 15 to 20mm from surface; rub with a brush, cloth or sponge. With spray, cover or remove all food products. For all applications, allow to air dry, however surfaces must remain wet for at least one minute.

Do not rinse after CLARK SANIPHOS application.

Size: 1 Litre