Gladfield Biscuit Malt
Gladfield Biscuit Malt

Gladfield Biscuit malt is made by gently roasting kilned dried ale malt. The resulting malt is ideal in small amounts for Light/Mild Ales and Bitters to give a dry finish to the beer with out too much colour.


What is it?
Toasted ale malt in the roasting drum

How does it taste?
Baked biscuit, roasted hazelnut, very dry

What does it add to the beer?
Colour and flavour

Typical Beer Styles:
Mild Ales, Bitters

Typical Usage Rates:
Up to 15%


(max) %
Extract -
Fine Dry
Wort Colour
Biscuit Malt 5 74 40 - 80 65